The Motley Fool loved PATH and it has been a disaster. Yet zero follow-up? I asked on 3 Live sessions and no one addressed this name?

Hi, Dodger88.

As this is a Freemium Community discussion board, I cannot really discuss premium service recommendations here. As for Motley Fool Live, they get more questions than to which they can respond, but I’m sorry yours hasn’t been answered yet.

Uipath was and remains an active recommendation in 3 premium services from last fall. It is not a company I follow, but from what I gather, it has offered forward guidance that is slower than what analysts expected, despite a strong quarter. Assuming you are still a Premium Fool, you can see the company’s snapshot page here:

There is a Premium Community discussion board for the company, where your fellow Premium Fools have been discussing the disappointing market performance of the company (there’s a lot of that going around given this down market we’ve been in):

As it has been just six months or less since this company was recommended, there really isn’t much additional to say than was said back then. As long-term (3-5 years or longer) investors, Fools don’t really let a couple months define an investment. However, a Freemium article was posted today:…

Who notes often young companies like this are ploughing revenue back into R&D and building out sales operations as part of a multi-year strategy, which can make their immediate earnings look less than what they really are, and analysts who are looking for a quick return can be punishing…

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