Well, today I took the plunge and initiated a position in AMZN. I had been reluctant to buy because I was concerned that the share price has risen so far already. (I paid about $799 per share. It was on a dip of about $7 or $8 per share).

But I decided that there is no reason to think the price won’t increase further. Of note, there are plenty of people buying shares of Apple today, paying significantly more than what I paid about 4 or 5 years ago. So the fact that a stock’s price has increased significantly already doesn’t mean can’t/won’t increase further. Especially a stock like AMZN.

I’m actually feeling pretty good about picking up some shares!


Same. Picked up some shares today @830. Like you I have been watching for an entry point and I just realised I was doing so for the last year!

I decided to take the plunge, the company is great and there is plenty room for upward movement. AWS continues to look deliver great metrics and Amazon has no obvious competition in retail space.

This is more of me finally believing in Bezos than anything really.

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