An important message!

This is a very difficult time and we are all under stress, and are likely to be stressed out and irritable. Our board has been a wonderful source of companionship and discussion for us for over six years now, and at a time like this we should all try to be kind to each other, and to give each other mutual support as much as we can.

During a time of extreme crisis like this we inevitably relax our rules about people discussing their portfolio management, and to a lesser extent, market timing, as people are very worried and talking sometimes helps, but we will cut off off-topic threads that get too long.

Political posts, as always, won’t be tolerated, and will be deleted. If someone feels it is important to their essence to keep posting political posts, they need to go elsewhere to do it, as we won’t put up with it.

Let’s keep discussing in helpful ways and tones and try to help each other rather than criticize. (I’m sure that I have been guilty of this at times too).

Best to you all, be careful, and stay well,