And already Emerald Rapids leaks

Hardware leaker YuuKi_AnS(opens in new tab) has provided a sneak peek of what we could expect from Intel’s next-generation Xeon Emerald Rapids processors. It’s funny because Sapphire Rapids(opens in new tab) hasn’t landed, but the specifications of its successor are already hitting the rumor mill. Although the leaker claims that the specifications came from a document allegedly distributed to OEMs recently, we recommend you approach the information with an open mind.

Like Sapphire Rapids, Emerald Rapids continue to rely on the Intel 7 (rebranded 10nm Enhanced SuperFin) process node.

One thing that hits me… If SMIC now has a 7nm process that’s apparently maybe approaching the TSMC 7nm process (maybe an early version of it, anyway) does that mean Intel’s processes are actually falling behind CHINA? (presumably not but just saying)

The forthcoming data center chips will slip into the same Eagle Stream platform with the LGA4677 (Socket E) socket as Sapphire Rapids. Intel hasn’t confirmed which microarchitecture will power Emerald Rapids, though. Sapphire Rapids will come with Golden Cove cores; therefore, Emerald Rapids would probably wield Raptor Cove cores. While Sapphire Rapids have appeared to top out at 56 cores, Emerald Rapids could push it up to 64 cores to match AMD’s EPYC processors. The problem is that Emerald Rapids will have very tough competition. AMD’s Genoa rocks up to 96 cores, whereas Bergamo(opens in new tab), which launches in 2023, will have up to 128 cores. Intel is still behind AMD in terms of core counts.

In terms of expansion, Emerald Rapids deliver up to 80 PCIe 5.0 lanes. The platform provides PCIe bifurcation support at x16, x8, x4, and x2 via PCIe 4.0 speeds. The Emmitsburg chipset, on the other hand, supplies 20 PCIe 3.0 lanes, 1G Ethernet for Manageability support, and an x8 DMI connection restricted to the PCIe 3.0 standard. AMD hasn’t share the number of PCIe 5.0 lanes for Genoa or Bergamo. For contrast, AMD EPYC chips have been offering 128 PCIe lanes for a couple of generations now.

Unlike Sapphire Rapids, Intel is confident that Emerald Rapids will meet its 2023 deadline.…

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