Intel Saphire Rapids delayed again

From the famous APPLE leaker:

My latest supply chain check indicates the highly anticipated Intel server chip Sapphire Rapids shipments may postpone to 2Q23, significantly later than the market consensus of 2H22, which is unfavorable to Intel and its server supply chain.


Yesterday I saw the same rumor here:…

The leak you posted is backed up by checks in the supply chain based on Sapphire Rapids companion parts.

This puts the SR schedule very close to the previous Emerald Rapids schedule. I am somewhat curious what “version” of Sapphire Rapids is currently shipping. Is it just a single 14 core die or are there features disabled?


AMD EPYC CPUs Significantly Outperform Intel Xeon In Cloud Servers, Study Reveals…

A recent study by Cockroach Labs shows that AMD EPYC CPUs are the most widely used among AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud platforms in terms of highly efficient performance versus Intel’s Xeon chips.

AMD EPYC outshines Intel Xeon in the newest study focusing on CPU performance in the cloud

AMD EPYC Milan and Rome, the multi-core x86 and x64 microprocessors, blew away the competing Cascade Lake and Ice Lake Xeon CPUs from Intel between the three cloud platforms in various tests on performance conducted by database company CockroachDB.

First, in the CoreMark version 1.0 benchmark test, which allows for both processing on an individual vCPU or multiple vCPUs, CockroachDB proved that AMD Milan CPUs outperformed Intel in many instances. The results also showed that AMD Milan, at its lowest performance, equaled Intel’s current Ice Lake CPUs in both OLTP and CPU benchmark tests.

“In past years, we saw Intel lead the pack in overall performance, with AMD competing on price-for-performance metrics. This year, both the overall performance leader and the price-for-performance leader were AMD-based instances.” — Cockroach Labs research


Furthermore, Intel Xeon CPUs have been having a hard time keeping up with their release schedule with the more recent Sapphire Rapids 4th Gen Xeon family delayed from a 2020 launch to the 2nd quarter of 2023 while AMD will have their 128 core EPYC Bergamo lineup ready for launch around the same time.