Intel Sapphire Rapids threat to EPYC Milan…

The CPU is definitely faster than retail EPYC Milan chips in single-core and comparable in the multi-core tests since the top EPYC 7763 scores around 90000-95000 points in the same test.

Intel has moved the Sapphire Rapids-SP Xeon CPU launch to early 2023 so it looks like they will be competing with EPYC Genoa-X & Bergamo CPUs by the time they are widely available to x86 server customers. This kind of performance would have been competitive a few years back against Milan but with Zen 4 on the horizon, things look grim for Intel despite the major uplift over Ice Lake-SP which now seems too little.



Speaking of Sapphire Rapids, this list of all the SR SKU’s was recently leaked:…

The number of different products, targeted at different markets, is somewhat mind boggling.
The embedded slide deck does a decent job of going over all the SR features. It appears SR has a built in DPU, similar to what AMD acquired with Pensando.