Another article from Peter Attia

This is another teaser for his subscription only site but, assuming it comes up in full, it has sufficient interesting perspectives to ponder when looking at the future and preventing preventable diseases and decline (and maybe mitigating those ones that aren’t preventable)…

It’s reminded me of past episodes I intend to revisit when I’m done with this. I use my planned Z2 training on the treadmill to listen to podcasts etc so currently I’m listening to 40-45 minute segments (determined by my post lapiplasty rehab)

Basically the thrust is, rather than forecasting what you might be able to do in the future, to decide what is important enough for you to have it on a list of important activities (both recreational and just daily living) at a given age. He uses the concept of Centenarian Olympics…acknowledging that genetics aren’t in his favour for living to 100 but it has a nice ring to it…and then backcasting to give a heads up as to where you would need to be at prior decades.

I didn’t start subscribing to his site until about 18 months ago when he started to have guests who were talking about topics I was interested in. That’s when the concept of training for health, wellbeing and longevity rather than performance drifted across my radar screen. Was just starting to accept that a sub 50 minute 10k was no longer on my docket as a feasible goal with more work/injury risk than I wanted so I readjusted my lenses accordingly.

Hope it’s not behind a paywall.

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