Another Hoovies Youtube Video

Last time I linked his criticism of the Ford EV pick up lack of range when
hauling. Some here disliked that video.
Tyler’s youtube videos are meant to have entertainment value. But he was correct about that deficiency.

Todays Hoovies video titled:" Why a used, DEPRECIATED Rivian makes way more sense to BUY than a new Cybertruck (but I’m an idiot)"
In this he talks about his 2 reservation for Tesla cyber pick ups
one a founder series around $99K and one “the beast” for $114K. He praises the Tesla online buying experience.

A local Kansas new car dealer has a lightly used 2022 Rivian RT1 for ~$74k. Originally they sold about MSRP at ~$99k. It does have a bit less range than the Tesla pick up. He did go into specifics but he claims the Rivian is technological superior to the EV Ford pick up and has a more luxurious interior. 0 to 60 under 4 seconds. And it still is under warranty.
It seems EVs have similar depreciation as IC vehicles.
It seems to me newish used vehicle purchases rather than new vehicle purchases make more sense especially when talking about super expensive vehicles. YMMV

Tesla “the beast” 0 to 60 is 2.8 second. Ridiculous IMO. There really is no need for such acceleration. I can picture some entitled 16 year old crashing the 6000 pound EVs into other vehicles and people.

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