Another reason to avoid the 737 Max

Southwest has teamed up with a seat manufacturer to produce thin, thin, super thin seats, removing the screen and entertainment stuff and replacing it with a “device holder”, and taking out most of the padding as well, by the looks of it.

So what will they do with that extra 2” of space per seat? Give it to the passengers for comfort? Surely you jest. Of course they will just cram more seats aboard.

Starting 2025, Southwest 737 Max flights. Oh joy.

Southwest Airlines Reveals Thinner Seats To Cram More People On.


Of course. The Welchist thing to do: reduce quality, but charge the same price, or more.

There was another thread going about companies paying dividends, and whether that was a failure of management to find something else to do with the money. Here’s a thought: put that surplus cash into improving quality and customer service, so customers are happy, which breeds more happy customers, and they take share away from the competition. No. Can’t do that. Anything that benefits customers is apparently “Socialistical”.



LOL at that device holder…cause if those seats recline…hope you have insurance/replacement for that device.