Another Russian Bites the Dust

Wow, I bet life insurance for Russian officials is almost as expensive as home owner’s insurance in Florida.


Put in a good word for him with the devil.


Poor dude was probably just trying to make a living… never know.


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Putin ↔ Telegram reports by FSB on any criticism ↔ execution.

Imagine if Hitler had Gestapo-owned Telegram.


Today’s headline:

Future headline: Prigozhin Falls to Death in Mysterious Accident.


The Russian novel will be a massive tomb “How Bad Things Happen to Even Worse People: The Perils of Leadership”.

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Pretty likely. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Of course this huy has a few thousand fiercely loyal thugs around him, so it might not be Putin who gets to him…

wrt the Post story, I am not sure I want to believe anything western media says about the Wagner Group. Remember, a week before they declared victory in Bakhmut, western media was saying Wagner was going to abandon the fight.


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The first time I read about Prigozhin opening his pie hole, I thought he’d be pushing up daisies within 24 hours.

But this has been going on for weeks.

So my crazy mind start to think that something else is going on.

Maybe Prigozhin and Bad Vlad have an agreement that allows Prigozhin to try to goad Ukraine into a trap or to let their guard down.

But then I’ve read about Russian rebels attacking sites in Russian territory. Holy cow!

Maybe Putin is sicker physically (we already know how sick he has always been mentally) than we know or maybe he’s more worried about his FSB support than Prigozhin. FSB operatives smell blood better than white sharks.

It just seems crazy that Prigozhin can keep getting away with saying these things.

Normally, I think Bad Vlad would be more than happy to do in Prigozhin and a few of his thuggish friends. Oops, someone was smoking around ordinance again.

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It is not the best career move in the world.

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Or, maybe the comments attributed to Prigozhin are fabrications of a western “light at the end of the tunnel” propaganda offensive, to prop up support in the face of certain “America first” factions that want to cut off support for Ukraine?


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Nah Steve, this is very straight forward. Yeah our popcorn is out and spilling all over the place. It is a very good movie to watch.

But no we have never needed our side to put words in Prigozhin’s mouth.

Remember that Putin is a (now highly mutated) Cheka/…/NVB/KGB/FSB creature, and there has always been fear and enmity between the military and the spooks in the Russian system from Ivan the T on down.

Prigozhin is Putin’s “safety” counterweight to the huge military complex, and Putin treats him the way my neighbor treats his Rotweilers, with affection and protection based on his own need for protection if “things get iffy.”

david fb


I totally can see that.

Prigozhin is actually doing Putin’s dirty work in ripping into the military. Got ya.

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