Anyone follow Brookfield Renewable Partners closely?

Just doing some review of BEP and not finding much in the way of posts out here. I have a couple of questions about this stock at the moment. It has been in and out of my port for some time as I love the idea, but then I don’t see high enough growth.

Now that I am getting to the point where I want to add more dividends to my portfolio (cause I am getting to that point in life where I want to start building up more future ‘income’ for when I bail out of the rat race.)

Two questions about BEP. First, anyone know what drove the huge spike in stock price starting around middle of '19? This was one of the cycles I thought I would add BEP back into my port, but then I guess I didn’t understand what was driving the hype, so I sold again because I caught the back side of that and was not happy with the dropping price. Second, I am wondering if there is a way to track their gross margin? I am not seeing reference to that in earnings reports, and I am not sure if such a thing even applies to a MLP/Dividend payer.

Just wondering if there are any Brookfield virtual experts following this one.