Apple and China— it’s complicated

I don’t think there’s much new here, but seeing it all laid out in one piece is worth reading.

All I can say is it’s about time. Depending on China has become a very risky business proposition lately.


I don’t disagree, but what is the alternative? Where else is stuff made?

This link has some 2019 numbers, so things could be worse now. It shows China making 28.7% of everything, with the US (16.8%), Japan (7.5%) and Germany (5.3%) coming next.

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India? Apple started assembling iPhone 14s there this year. But it’s still a Foxconn plant! From ::

"Apple will sell India-produced phones locally but also export them to other markets globally. Customers in India will begin receiving the locally manufactured devices in the next few days.

JPMorgan analysts said in a note this month that Apple will move 5% of its global production for the iPhone 14 to India by late 2022. Apple could also make 25% of all iPhones by 2025 in India, JPMorgan said.

Apple’s focus on manufacturing in India highlights the tech giant’s desire to diversify production away from China and boost customers in India, which is currently a small market for the company."


I’d like Apple to bring all the critical chip development, manufacturing back to the US, as should all the other chippers out there, our economy, defense, all tied up with hard line foreign countries, the loss of access could be on a whim, if not a world event… Keep it close, secure…