Apple CarPlay, Maps, Waze, Toyota Maps - None were talking!

I think it’s more Apple/Carplay related that automobile, so will post here, see where it leads…

New Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, I set it up initially with earlier iPhone 11’s, recently updated to iPhone 15’s so did have to shuffle things a bit. But even with the 11’s, I’m not hearing driving directions when using any of the GPS/Mapping apps… The directions are on the media screen OK, but it’s distracting to have to read what used to be spoken in the days before the new care, just using the iPhone… So somewhere in maybe CarPlay, or Maps there must be a setting that brings out the voice! I’ve been looking in Settings, both on the car and the iPhone, and I’m missing it somewhere… Ideas? Thanks!

(iOS 17.4, iPhone 15 Pro Max)

Update: As I roam, Google came up with this, maybe , maybe not, as none of the apps are speaking… But a start… Other answers I see are a year or longer old…


In the end, it was way too basic, simple, somehow the option, onscreen in Maps was Off, so when I set a destination, tapped GO, the on the displayed map tapped the map the optional OFF, Alerts, and ON popped up, changed it to ON, all is well… Well, at least in Apple Maps, maybe copied by the others. I’d expected the default to always be ON, even if annoying, rather than making the driver look at the screen…

Anyway, FIXED! PFM!

Never mind… :slight_smile: