Apple earning report after the market closes today

Will AAPL close :arrow_up: in anticipation of earnings?


Will AAPL close :arrow_down: in anticipation of earnings?

My Magic 8 Ball™ says “Who Knows?”



Not a fan of Apple.
They hyped up iPhone 15 and it’s nothing new, except a new case.
Pretty weak product launch, honestly.
With Google Pixel 8 and Samsung Galaxy S24, they are behind.
I predict DOWN.

If we look back, or at least in my own memories, if it’s good/great, it’ll drop, but recover in a wee bit of time… The last few days have been up, so there’s room to play…

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Just curious: in what ways do you think the iPhone 15 is behind the Google Pixel 8 and Samsung Galaxy S24? Detailed answer please, not just “everything”. :slight_smile:

So are you a fan of AAPL - either long or short?

Well - I was a Samsung Fanboy for a long time. - and I had to get a new phone because mine was just too slow, apps were crashing, and it was choking on all the memory needs of new programs, games, etc.

I did research - and found a very good deal on the Google Pixel 7 Pro that was so good, I said, “What the heck” - and bought it.

As another caveat - I will also say this - my wife and two daughters ALL THREE have iPhones and that chastise me daily that I am an “Android Dork”. - true story. So with all that being said, here’s my feedback on your question:

  1. Stats? - You can look at Display, Processor, RAM, Battery and Camera resolution for Samsung, Apple and Google - and they are all comparable. - sure, so models are better than other, but stat wise, they are all close.

  2. Camera - Real World - Every single time we go anywhere, my wife says, “Take the picture with your camera - it’s always better anyway.” - and it is. The quality, clarity and auto-functions on the Google Pixel are simply amazing. Doubt me? Go to a Best Buy and pick up all three cameras and take a picture of yourself - or a friend - with them and LOOK at the pictures.

  3. Operating System - I’m a technologist, so I am very in tune with performance of my devices, phone or otherwise. It’s like when you have driven your car for 3-5 years. - and then you are driving along and something just doesn’t “feel right” with the car - but you can’t say exactly what is causing the “rattle” in the engine? - same thing with Android vs MacOS. Android is just faster, smoother and more intuitive in how it works. You have to have tried both out for awhile to understand, but that’s just my perspective.

  4. Maintenance - Again, using my family as reference, having to go to the Apple Store every single time there is a problem is annoying and expensive. I can take a Samsung or Google phone to a local “Phone Repair” store and get a new battery for $50. Oh, and then the Apple Store - waiting for a person to talk to and then getting fit in for a repair session, parts, etc. - brutal. So painful. Not fun at all.

So anyway, I know that was long and winded but I hope you found it helpful.

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It’s Apple. - I mean, solid investment, IMO.
But Google/Android, as of 2023, Android has a 70.29% global market share.

As of April 2023, Android, an operating system using the Linux kernel, is the world’s most-used operating system when judged by web use. It has 42% of the global market, followed by Windows with 28%, iOS with 17%, macOS with 7%, ChromeOS 1.3%, and desktop Linux at 1.2% (also using the Linux kernel).

So make your own conclusions from those numbers.

Initially up after earnings, then quickly down. I think everyone is waiting on guidance discussion…

Interesting. As I recall my first iPhone was a 4, which was followed by an 8 and now a 14. I’ve never taken any of them to an Apple store because there never has been a problem that came close to requiring it. I can’t really recall any problems at all, for that matter.


Thank you for your well reasoned reply. And I have to agree about iOS (and iPadOS). I think their code is ill conceived and poorly executed in many frustrating cases, with obvious things being deliberately omitted, overlooked, or simply obfuscated all in the name of a flawed sense of a “better user experience”.

But I remain a BIG fan of the “Apple Silicon” line of CHIPS. Sometimes I wonder how Android would run on an iPhone, though the close hardware integration with iOS might make that far less than easily accomplished.

As for cameras, I’m not enough of an “image-ophile” to appreciate the subtleties of those used in both. But I still do find that the camera in my ancient Moto G 6 produces quite impressive results!

[ Full disclosure: I am also a big fan of Apple stock, since I’ve been holding a large number of shares for 20+ years. But the only Apple hardware I’ve ever bought has been iPads, most recently the 11" M2 based iPad Pro. And I also have the aforementioned Moto G 6 running Android 9 (I think), plus an AMD based Lenovo Ideapad 5 Pro laptop. ]

I bought into AAPL about '93, added some more in '95… So the share count has been rising nicely over the years… As well as dividends… More than made up for my mistakes investing in LU…

But it’s more than the investment, as my first personal computer was an Apple ][+, all of 64K, a monochrome, later amber screen, an old 29 TTY for a printer, before eventually moving on to a Fat Mac in the later days… A large User Group here and in SF (AppleCore) was also kick, saw many find ways to create businesses in the tech world, a lot of changes, over the years…


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I have to say this seems odd: I have owned a 3G and then a 6plus and now a 13 pro max and I have never gone to or needed to go to any Apple store or other facility for any issue with my phones. I guess I’ve just been very lucky; but I’m old and you need to be lucky to get old as well.



Early days of Apple ]['s, //e’s. I was the go-to guy for the family, sorting out early issues, helping folks understand the new toys, then once the Mac came along, rarely had to do any support, and once the iPhones came along, 99% of the family fell right into them, and very few issues, DW has nearly no fingerprints, so that was an issue that even the TSA had problems with, but we’ve never had an iPhone fail… iMac, yes, one had a bad HD on delivery, Apple sent out a new iMac, it’s still going, but we’re about to replace it, anyway… It’s the old Mac vs PC game all over again when I see such a posting… Old days it was the share shooters trying to stir the pot, ignored then as well…

I’d like to see easier access to our various products, but in todays world, the tech is way beyond a DIY fix… Software is today’s game… Find what you need, use it…

Well, there’s OS share, and there’s revenue share. I remain a big fan of Apple’s value proposition and future prospects. From iPhone remains supreme despite flat global smartphone sales ::

While global smartphone revenues remained flat year-over-year, Apple led the market with record Q3 revenue and revenue share, with the iPhone 15 positioned to do even better this quarter.

That comes despite the iPhone 15 only being available for a short time during the third calendar quarter, according to a new report from Counterpoint Research.

In a note seen by AppleInsider, Counterpoint reports that Apple led the market with 43% share of global smartphone revenues — its highest-ever share of global smartphone revenue for the third quarter. Global smartphone revenues grew quarter-to-quarter by 15% to $100 billion, but remained flat on an annual basis.

Apple faces increase competition from Huawei and Honor, while other Chinese smartphone makers like Xiaomi and OPPO focus on increasing profit margins, according to the report.

Samsung, meanwhile, saw an 8% shipment and 4% annual revenue decline in the quarter, partly offset by 4% overall higher average sales price (ASP), thanks in part to the success of its new Fold 5 handset and continued momentum of the S23.


I’ve had to go exactly once; a battery swelled and made the screen curve to look like a Magic Mouse. They replaced the phone even though it was 3 years old for a $50 fee, which I thought pretty good.

And I’m talking 4 phones across history for me and 3 for the Mrs. So our history is relatively deep.

And the share of profitability, which is how corporations are generally measured, is probably about 90% Apple. Not that that should count for anything, of course.

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Yeah - no question - Apple is a solid investment. :star_struck:
I hope it goes to $1,000/share, as my mom has a ridiculous position in it within her portfolio.
BUT,… if it goes down… she’ll start screaming. :rofl:


I opted to wait until Apple & Verizon agreed to play in the CDMA world, hung onto a Nokia flipper until then… We’d upgraded, installed many VZ cell sites as well as Sprints here in NorCal, and the VZ techs were always on top of the savvy game, as well as continuing to grow, expand their network, even in the telecom downturn days, so I stick with Verizon at least for our cells, just overall better coverage… I think it was an iPhone 4, maybe earlier, but for a long time, we just traded them in on a new one, but back in the 11 times, we just bought the iiPro & Pro Max outright. It’s hard for me to justify moving on tot he next/current model, I like the camera abilities, maybe I’d gain something else, but what we have links into either the truck or car’s CarPlay, I generally manage to pick up SiriusXM when out walking, else podcasts… The least use is as a telephone, texting, sure, but calling, not so much…

Desktops, the M2 Mini Pro is great, DW’s iMac can use replacing, her Birthday is tomorrow, but she’s also the CFO here, so we’ll see how it plays out… an M3 iMac is in the Cart…

We just tossed the last Samsung device, a ref ridge this year, their old TVs all replaced by LG screens… If this Dell breaks, I’ll look for an LG monitor…

Today’s market let AAPL slip a little, was green again, after hours… And on we go…


Verizon… uugh. - Quite possibly, the worst employees and customer service of all wireless carriers. Brutal. - in my experience. :frowning_face:

Check out Charter/Spectrum. $45/month. - Unlimited everything. Great service. So much better, in my experience.

Just a suggestion.