Apple event on June 7th to only last 35 minutes?

The Apple event on June 7th to only last 35 minutes? Uh-oh, I have a feeling we’re all going to be disappointed:

On Tuesday, May 7, Apple will hold its first product event of the year, ‘Let Loose’. The company is set to introduce new lineup of iPad Pro and iPad Air. The iPad Pro tablets will get OLED displays, a new thinner chassis, and run on the M4 chip. The iPad Air will be updated with the M2 chip, and be offered in a new larger 12.9-inch display size for the first time.

As reported today by Mark Gurman, Apple is set to announce all of this in a brisk video presentation running about 35 minutes in length. This is similar to the runtime of the October ‘Spooky Fast’ event.

My prediction: no M4s in the new iPads - just M3s - and no OLED display. The larger size seems iffy as well. The focus will be on a new Apple Pencil as implied by the event teaser logo. No AI focus either which will instead get the lion’s share of WWDC in June.

But perhaps I’m just lowballing it so that anything better will make me happy!

For me, hopefully some bits of hardware, maybe OS/iOS updates, maybe hints of a new Watch series, I’m overdue, so hoping for some progress there… Siri, maybe updated…

None of my current toys use the Pencil, so haven’t gone there… eh…


If it’s just iPads, why would it need to be more than 35 minutes? I assume they’ll be some sort of AI intro at WWDC a few days later.

[NOTE: This event was May 7, not June 7, so WWDC is a few weeks later.]

Well, I’d assume they’d want to spend quite a bit of time describing and demoing all the spiffy new features and greatness in the new OLED displays and the new M4 chips, in addition to the new Apple Pencil. Which makes me think only the Apple Pencil will be part of this event. But I hope to be happily disappointed.

Wow - I’m glad I was totally wrong! I think Apple hit it out of the park with the new iPad Pros and iPad Airs. All the rumors were true: debut of the new M4 and the new “Tandem OLED” displays in the iPad Pros, M2 in the iPad Airs, with a 13" Air option, plus a new Apple Pencil and new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro. Best. Hardware. Update. Ever! The iPad Mini got no love, but we expected that. But now I’d REALLY like to see a 5 mm thin Tandem OLED iPad Mini with an M2 or M3 and rounded edges (though the new Tandem OLED display might require the M4 to drive it, as was hinted at today?)

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Oops, missed it this morning! But imbedded in the links are the event, (still catching up, waking up here! :slight_smile: )

The M4 sounds pretty incredible. This appears to be a bigger jump in tech/performance than expected. Apple still leads by far in power per watt.

And while many people pooh-pooh power per watt measurements, it has its largest effect in cost. If you are 20% more efficient than your competitor, you can put a 20% smaller battery in your device and have same performance and battery life. So perhaps a $40 battery instead of a $50 battery. That extra $10 flows directly to the bottom line.

And even in data centers, better power/watt leads to less cooling required, and cooling in data centers is one of the large costs involved. So, if their AI chips will be more efficient, their AI data centers will use less energy, and require less cooling, and perhaps even less space, etc.

But that assumes Apple is using their Apple Silicon in their data centers, which is not true. The M chip line is not meant for servers. But it does make me wonder why Apple doesn’t try to break into the server market. Perhaps they are…behind closed doors in the chip dev labs.

I was referring to this part of the news yesterday!

Apple Is Developing AI Chips for Data Centers, Seeking Edge in Arms Race

The company is leaning on its long history of chip development in the effort …


Wow. Thanks for that info! I missed it in the news. Good for Apple. But now they will need a server version of, presumably, Mac OS, to run on them? Or will they allow - and support - other OS options?


But then there’s this opposing view from Mark Gurman (who at least was right about the new iPad Pros having the M4):

I suspect they would run a MUCH slimmer OS on servers. Most of the OS overhead isn’t needed for those kinds of applications. That is, if only Apple is developing on it. If others are developing on it, perhaps they would need more OS services.

True. Only the “AI Engine” parts of Mac OS perhaps.

It was pretty much what I expected, though that’s probably because I’m still happy with my 11" M1 iPad Pro, wasn’t really looking for a new one, and just glanced at and took at face value the rumors.

When I replayed the event, I was reasonably impressed. I wasn’t blown away, but I’m glad that Apple is taking the iPad seriously.

Maybe it’s because I wasn’t glue to the screen, but it seemed to me that Apple didn’t overhype AI/ML/neural engine. Yes, the Neural Engine has been part of Apple’s chips for a years, but I’ve always believed that industry commentators don’t really understand what AI and ML are, when they keep saying Apple is falling behind and needs to get into it. It feels like a set of buzzwords tied to FOMO.

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