New Apple event on May 7th!

Probably no new Mini in the event, but perhaps a silent spec bump in the Apple Store? Or maybe nothing and no new Mini until 24Q3.

Har har. I read that as “no new Mini until 2403.” I’ve heard of long wait times for a refresh, but …

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I hear rumbles of new iPads, maybe Watches… I’m interested in how the Watch goes, I’m back at proxy measurements, would like to catch up…

Maybe a general pot stir…

I expect a Star Fleet Federation and Constitution Class Starships long before then (commissioned in 2245 according to lore). And hopefully also something far more advanced than a Tricorder from the Apple Interstellar Conglomerate™. :blush:

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I have a 2021 iPad Pro 11", which – paired with Magic Keyboard – has been the ideal travel computer for me.

I used to have a work MBP and a beater MBP (i.e. the MBP I upgraded from) for travel. If going somewhere without needing to do some serious work (e.g. a lot of data analysis or simulations or whatnot) or just to do light work (e.g. to polish a Keynote/PowerPoint presentation), I could transfer any needed files from my precious, new MBP to my beater, old MBP and then work on that when I traveled. If the old MBP got beat up in the course of travel, like international travel, no problem, I had the newer machine at home.

Of course, if I got really desperate and felt I needed the capability of the newer machine, I’d bring the work MBP instead of the older machine.

Nowadays, I work a little harder to prepare for my trips so that I’m unlikely to need to do any serious computation while away, which means I can bring my iPad and Magic Keyboard for light work, productivity, or entertainment. In a pinch, I can log into my Ubuntu machines at the office – though I wish I had remote access to my Macs from my iPad.

All of that is to say I can’t think of why I would need to upgrade my iPad.


As with all Apple products, upgrading with every new iteration is only for hard-core fans. But Apple is targeting those who hold out for a few years, and are looking for a major upgrade in features. Same for iPhone, and Macs.

I’ve heard good things about Jump Desktop but haven’t tried it. They have an iOS version and claim
“Jump Desktop is a secure and reliable remote desktop app that lets you connect to any computer, anywhere in the world.”

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i’ve had my surface pro for years and use it when traveling only. it has been perfect for what I need…doc