Apple going with USB-C

Apple is going with USB C starting with the iPhone 15 so don’t buy lightning cords unless you absolutely have to…doc

Apple Reportedly Began Testing USB-C On The iPhone 15 Back In January 2022, Earlier Model Featured A Lightning Port (

What this means is that we should expect a minimum of 20Gb/s, or 2,500MB/s data transfer speeds, and a maximum of 5,000MB/s. Of course, coming close to this bandwidth will depend on a ton of factors, so despite the more expensive models’ USB-C port potentially supporting Thunderbolt speeds, it is unlikely that we will see those results in real-world tests.

Another reason why Apple is making a transition from Lightning to USB-C is thanks to the EU’s new law, which forces technology companies to completely switch over to the new charging port by 2024. While the Cupertino firm has a whole year to bring this port to various products, it appears that Apple wants to be a little earlier than the allotted timeframe.


More info on the Iphone 15…doc

iPhone 15 To Feature “Frosted Glass” Back With New Cyan Color, Minimizing The Design Gap With The iPhone 15 Pro (

Apple introduces new iPhone colors every year, and this time, we should be looking forward to the new Cyan color option. It was previously reported that Apple will introduce the iPhone 15 Pro models in a deep red color. This will be the company’s special color for the iPhone 15 Pro. As for the rear glass, the iPhone 15 will get a lot closer to the iPhone 15 Pro in terms of design. However, we can expect changes for the iPhone 15 Pro as well since the company likes to create differentiating elements between the two models.

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