Now that Apple went to USBc

An interesting article…

I also believe some are charge only, or do data, but now a variety of data rates! Yikes!


USB has just become a complete and utter mess.

There seems to be an identity crisis in our USB/Thunderbolt world… If only they were ID’d… I have a flip-bin of even older USB cables, devices, and now a drawer od ‘newer’ cables, plus some in various laptop bags, luggage… Need more bis I guess…


That looks familiar. You’re welcome. :wink:

Did I duplicate an earlier post? Heh, had it on my desktop, forgot when, where it originated! Thank you!! My desktop, on this 32" Dell monitor gets overloaded, forces me to do cleanups, didn’t want to lose it!

Clipped it from this one I presume - which was part of a VERY long thread! -

But no worries! Happy to oblige.

Ahh, so it seems, I stopped following that thread, so it’s lost in the weeds…