Apple in talks with Baidu to use its Ernie AI on Apple devices in China

In tandem with talking to Google to use its Gemini AI on iPhones, Apple is talking to China’s search-leader Baidu to deploy its Ernie AI on Apple devices in China

’ In China, Apple has been looking for a local generative AI model provider, mainly because China requires such models to be vetted by its cyberspace regulator before being launched to the public, people familiar with the matter said.

Since the authorities introduced the rule in August, Beijing has approved more than 40 generative AI models, including Baidu’s Ernie Bot.’

'The ERNIE chatbot is based on Baidu’s internally developed large language model, which uses enhanced representation through knowledge integration. ERNIE like the other generative chatbots can generate text, images, and videos. It primarily operates in Mandarin Chinese, but it can also handle English queries to a lesser extent.

Recently ERNIE Bot has reached over 100 million users so it is on par on users, although recent stats show OpenAI usage is lightening. ERNIE Bot was also just ranked by Super Clue as the top Chinese AI Chatbot.’