Apple Introduces Faster MacBook Pros and Mac Minis

Interesting, but when I price out the new Mini, I end up about $2K, so I wait, rumors of a mac Pro persist, but still invisible… SIL has been waiting on a new, larger iMac, no dice there either…So far this old 2012 Mac pro hasn’t broke, so I trudge on…


And today… Finally the new HomePod… I can see it as a replacement for my AppleTV 4K I’m using as the Hub for my Home system, and replacing the old harmon-pardon speakers… A bit late for Santa!

Apple introduces the new HomePod with breakthrough sound and intelligence - Apple

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Apple always seems to come up short in comparisons of sound quality with price-comparable products. We shall see how this new full-sized Home Pod fairs.

Interestingly, this popped up today… I have yet to make the jump to a HomePod, wanted one to use as the Hub for my Home setup, but didn’t find one, so the new one is the fix for that use. But now it seems 16.3 will make several changes, additions to even the older units, so maybe an older one may be worthwhile if one shows up… I haven’t regained my flea market cruising since Covid, they haven’t restarted them yet, so likely a lot of sellers have stuff tucked away for the day they do reopen… Anyway, check out the MW article!

Although they haven’t heard the HomePod yet this hi-fi review site is looking forward to testing it.


I need to hit the lottery, new Mac Pro, a pair of HomePods, etc…

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You must be doing some heavy lifting to need a MacPro.

The MacBreak Weekly podcast was very positive in looking forward to the M2 MacMini. By next week at least one of the panelists should have one to give some first hand experience reports on.

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Heh, not a need, just a want, current is a 2012 model, seemingly unbreakable…

Unclear so far how the Mini lines up against the Studio models, may be my next jump if they still price the Mac Pro out of reach…

Other expenses seem to have limited Santa this year…

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OK, here’s a good article comparing Mini to Studio…

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