New Mac Minis with Apple Silicon

These are amazing - I have been sad for years since Apple dropped its Thunderbolt Display, but would not consider any of the Macs until today to bundle with the Studio Display. (Although I have lusted for the entry Mac Studio.)

Not sure how long I will be able to hold out – and I will be watching for bugs & issues with the new Minis.

Shipments/Deliveries on the new Minis January 24th. Orders possible today.

As of today the only Mac with an Intel chip is the MacPro


Wow - how did I miss this? Another “stealth” event it seems. What will Apple be announcing now at the March event? Twenty minute announcement video here - Meet the new MacBook Pro and Mac mini Apple - YouTube [ EDIT: just noticed I picked the Apple UAE channel! But it has the same stuff as the US Apple channel here - Meet the new MacBook Pro and Mac mini | Apple - YouTube ]


Did you make the move GWP? I went with the new Mac Mini Pro M2 chipset, 2 Tb SSD, I opted for only 16 Gb of RAM, seems to be fine, the $$ went instead to a OWC Quad external enclosure.

I remember you saying how fast the CCC backups went, in the process of sorting things out, updating CCC, he dropped a note to use the quick backup and it’s made a ton of difference, it will now do 3 clone backup in under 5 minutes, some days the SSD backup is done in seconds if few changes were made…


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I decided not to get the M2Pro Mac Mini. At the time I would have been pleased with the Studio, but decided against that also – mostly because I fear it would be a One Off orphan. Now the rumor mill says Studio will be upgraded. Who outside of Apple knows?

Anyway I did get the base model 14 inch M2Pro MacBook Pro. It has 512GB ram - but since the machine is really for travel, I don’t need to have much on it. The is an amazing item. I can run it all day and have the battery above 70%. Compared to my 2022 iMac it is blazingly fast.


I flip-flopped back n forth over Mini or Studio, ended up with the mini… Runs so cool it’s hard to believe, in fact yjr hub I used to make many of the connectionist actually warm, while the mini stays at room temp, not even sure if it has a fan in there…

I have a couple laptops, a 2014 MB Air, GD just gave me her 2012 MB Pro, it still has a Superdrive, so I’ll hang onto it, we’re doing less travel now, so, they just set, mostly… The MBA could use a battery swap, I did it already on the MBP when I boosted its RAM… So, the old Mac Pro is off silent, not sure what to do with it, so it’s a shelf for now at the end of my desk…

No real problems for a change…

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