New base M2 Mac Minis have slower SSD speed than M1 model

The price of progress I guess. Annoying, but this is probably one reason why Apple can charge $100 less for it:

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It wasn’t very long ago that we were using spinning disks rather than SSDs. I have to wonder if this slower might not be better described as not quite so blindingly fast. Will a user actually feel the difference? What seems significant when comparing two raw numbers might be insignificant when using the computer.


True. I’d bet 99.9% of users won’t notice at all, especially because most of the buyers of the base M2 Mini will be those that haven’t bought the base M1 mini! Only YouTube influencers and perhaps extreme power users are even at all interested in yearly upgrades of any electronic devices.

One of the reasons I’ve, so far, avoided the minis was that years ago my son & family had a lot of overheating problems, likley long since solved, I suppose.

Recently priced out a loaded mini vs a Studio, both came in around $2K, so likely either could work out…

So what would your mini look like? Maybe this (though this is only the base SSD option) for $2100 (or -$100 if you don’t need 10 Gb E-net):

  • Apple M2 Pro with 12‑core CPU, 19-core GPU, 16‑core Neural Engine
  • 32GB unified memory
  • 512GB SSD storage
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet

The only change to this would be a 2Tb SSD instead of the base 512Gb, which matches up to what would be my then external backup clones, and Time Machine… If it were an open, user upgradable, Id do the memory, storage from OWC for less, but so far I don’t see that these are user updateable, without being a major undertaking… I haven’t looked at whether iFixIt or others have done a takeapart on these yet…


The RAM and SSD are definitely not user upgradable on these, same as with all the M1 and M2 machines so far. I’m wondering if even the Mac Pro will be user-upgradable in RAM. My guess is no, but maybe the SSDs will be.

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Spotted this article… Interesting, as I chase 4K in my xfinity account…

For future reference, really no need for now, just nice to see how to get at the innards if ever needed beyond warranty times…

About all other Macs, many other products beyond Apple at their site what a fun place to work, it must be!