Apple Watch BPM disappeared

FYI: Last update (10.01) on smart watch resulted in heart beats per minutes (BPM) disappearing from watch face. Checked with Apple Support Group on-line and its happened to many users. Apparently Apple Engineers are aware of the problem and working on a fix.

Odd, so far, mine, BPM, never went away… (iWatch 5 on 10.1)

I just changed faces, added the BPM complication, still works…

One thing I have noticed is I can no longer change faces with a simple swipe to the left…Not sure when that happened…

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Mine is an 8 and no matter face I choose, no bpm any more since 10.1 update. Not good …

No problems with my Apple watch. I have BPM in the center of the clock face.

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Spoke with Apple support both on-line and a call back from Senior Team. Again engineers aware of issue, mostly on phones 8,9, and newer. Working on it and hopefully a fix soon. Meanwhile lottsa complaints. Problem seems to be caused by 10.1 update. Guess i’n just one of many……sigh…

I don’t particularly like this change. Now you do long press on the watch face, THEN swipe right or left to change watch face. Doesn’t bother me much because I usually keep the same watch face all the time, but sometimes I like to switch it up.


Good catch, I hadn’t looked that up… Thx!

I didn’t look it up either. I thought they removed swiping for watch faces and required settings to do it. But then one day by accident I noticed a “small” version of my watch face and swiped … and lo and behold it switched. Then I played some more and figured out that long press makes the “small” watch face appear. While doing all this playing, I also discovered that you can edit watch faces ON THE WATCH instead of only inside the watch app on the iPhone.


I believe that happened with WatchOS 10.x

For me it is an improvement. About once a month I would accidentally switch watch faces accidentally.

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newest update fixed the watch face issue, now shows bpm on faces I like. Happy!

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