Apple watch is amazing!

Good article about how a guy goes to the PCP I’m guessing and they send him home with bronchitis medicine. His watch later that night warns he is breathing fast and his blood oxygen levels are low so his family makes him go to the ER and he has pulmonary emboli. The watch probably saved his life. A month ago my watch told me I went into A fib (I have no history of A Fib). It was an isolated event but now I am seeing a cardiologist…doc

Apple Watch Saved Wearer’s Life By Sending Alerts Over His Elevated Breathing, Further Diagnoses Revealed Blood Clots Were Formed (


I :heart: my Apple watch. It’s an amazing piece of technology!!! So useful in many ways and very configurable for every individual’s needs.



Last year, DW’s Watch warned her of afib, cardiologist verified it, even downloaded the data file, and put her on meds, off coffee, etc…Mine is older, a series 5, doesn’t do the O2 monitoring, so I should be updating… Pretty amazing, indeed…