Apple's results sound good so ...

… expect AAPL to fall.…
Apple revenue pops 11% to $123.9 billion despite supply chain concerns

That does always seem to be the way it works, doesn’t it? Of course, the whole market remains spooked by inflation, Ukraine, continuing COVID disruptions, etc. The world is not in a happy place right now.

Besides the yoy and qoq numbers, I like to track the ‘beats’ of actual vs estimated.

For this period, the EPS beat looks like 11%

Rev beat = 4%

Nice extra boost to EPS with a smaller revenue beat.

Happy here. Even with the recent market down turn I’m calculating a personal CAGR of 50%, holding for not quite 2 years.

I can live (quite well) with CAGR’s of 50%.

After Hours shows a gain of 5%+ to 167.31 at the moment, so we’ll see what Friday brings…

Still want it back up in the 180s and beyond…

My guess is it was only an earnings call, I was watching for a video feed, but not even a mention on the Apple website… But good in any case with the after hours numbers…

Apple revenue pops 11% to $123.9 billion despite supply chain concerns.
Apple’s results were good, but the earnings yield is reasonably low vs. historical norms (or PE is highish if you prefer). Having said that … it’s not so high that I don’t expect a bit of a ‘pop’ in the short-term. But interest rates act as a sort-of gravity with respect to PE so overall market revaluations may still catch AAPL medium-term, along with regulation.

Forgot to add … Longer-term Apple’s brand strength should leave it well placed to maintain pricing with inflation so results should stay in-line with any EPS improvement even though there could be some medium-term revaluation.

Obviously my prediction of how the market would react to Apple’s good news was wrong.

Happy for all us AAPL holders.