..posts big beat..

Apple posts big beat and 9% revenue pop, authorizes $90 billion buyback

…beat everything but iPad…




Given the whole scenario that is Apple, I honestly don’t understand how ‘wise’ traders make any decisions to sell.

Sadly (stupidly???), I didn’t board the train until two years ago. There will be ups and downs, but I can’t see anything on the table that might move me to sell. In my pitiful short term, >30% CAGR, with no slowing shown on the horizon?

Comparing AAPL to others thru the Covid downturn blip, Apple’s stock made the smallest of corrections. It has turned into one of my “buy it and forget it”. Chip shortages and Foxconn shut downs and the whole nine yards.

(It is small, but it doesn’t hurt that they are paying ~~~.5% dividend.)


We’'ve seen turmoil after every earnings report, no matter if it’s the best ever, the trader game messes about for a bit before it settles again… Maybe some were on bots, saw the jump and were triggered, always has been a mystery…


Compared to my other investments, I’m pretty happy with the minimal swings in the price of APPL over the last 6 months…doc

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Yep, in 6 months a ~10 point rise, with some healthy highs in between… Over the last year, ~30 points…