Approaching peak gasoline

Chinese oil company Sinopec announced that China has reached and passed “peak gasoline”.

So China’s largest oil company Sinopec is already seeing a drop in demand, from which it doesn’t expect to recover. Previous predictions placed peak demand somewhere in 2025, but at a conference in Zhengzhou in August, Bloomberg reported that one Zhou Yan, from Sinpoec’s retail sales division, said EVs were already displacing some 15 million tons of Chinese oil product sales in 2023, and that the company is forecasting that 2024 and subsequent years will see declining demand. China's #1 oil company says peak gasoline demand has already passed

Meanwhile, Japan is experiencing a shortage of gas stations in rural areas in part because of reduced gasoline demand resulting from more efficient vehicles.

Gas Stations in Japan Nearly Halved in the Last 20 Years |

Not surprisingly, gasoline usage in Norway, with high BEV adoption, is cratering. Cratering motor fuel sales in Norway show the death spiral that can end oil

And we are finding that US gasoline demand has still not recovered to pre-pandemic levels. Is this the beginning of the end for gasoline?  » Yale Climate Connections