Gasoline consumption is in decline

This is so obvious your nose bit you.

For those of you who are strawmen lovers, regardless of Chinese, Indian, and Brazilian demand increasing overall global demand will decline for other reasons.

Is this the beginning of the end for gasoline?  » Yale Climate Connections.

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Say bon voyage to XOM the once powerful oil company.

Keep in mind CO2 output will begin to drop soon.

But that isn’t what the report says. They project this year global growth of 2.3 million b/d and next year +0.9 million b/d.



Not so fast Bob, the facts are elsewhere.

India's electric car boom: What's fuelling the soaring popularity of EVs? | Euronews.

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Perhaps, but I was using the IEA report you linked.


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Demand for gasoline in the US was lower in 2020, but that is a special case because of the COVID crisis. Looking at the chart, 2023 looks slightly below the levels of 2018 and 2019, but not much. With the exception of the 2020 blip, it is difficult to see a big trend change.

Chart and data from here, if you are interested.

  • Pete
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If total quantity consumed is holding steady, and population size is growing, then per capita consumption is declining, so that is a positive.


When Ford and GM EV models come out in the months ahead with Tesla charging sockets all of the EV sales in the US go to another level.

The US needs one standard for EV charging.

Tesla share owners need to be wary. People are swearing off buying a Tesla.

Musk is constantly burning his bridges.

Some people appeal to the very poor only. I will say regarding Musk I loved reading when the K%% got sued by an African American group down south. The group won their case against the K%%. The court judgment was a rusty pickup truck and something like $13 million. Of course, there was not ten dollars never mind $13 million. That is the Tesla shopper of the future. Musk is entertaining them on X. Brilliant, sarcasm.

Or “population size growing” is a negative :slightly_smiling_face:

The Captain

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The planet doesn’t care about “per capita”, only the total amount of exhaust-mess churned into the atmosphere. Hard to feel positive if the total total doesn’t start going down. (Which I fully expect it won’t.)


Of course the total is what matters, just trying to point out a positive element in the data even if the per capita decline is not yet sufficiently lower to offset population growth.

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The numbers are lacking support for a further expansion. I can not address 2024 and possibly can not address 2025…the numbers are softening now, and the tech for EVs and the rollout of EVs in the US, EU, India, and China are threatening older forecasts that put the drop deeper into this decade. We can see the drop begin sometime between now and 2026.

Take the time to read the prior posts up top, particularly these prior posted articles. India was to be the worst culprit holding back global peak usage. India and China are faster than expected moving to EVs.

If I had to choose one reason the US fails, I would say the self-centeredness of the baby boomers is the overwhelming factor for the US trailing the world in many ways. The uptake of new technologies like EV will help poorer nations compete with us when we lag.