Apps question for Mac users

What are the non-Apple apps that are the most important to you on your Mac?

Here are mine:
1 Excel
2 BBEdit
3 Carbon Copy Cloner
4 Audio Hijack
5 Epubor Audible Converter
6 Firefox

Google Finance is my primary tool.

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Would it be heresy for me to admit that I run Windows 11 in a Parallels VM on my MacBook Pro and my favorite apps are Quicken for Windows, MS Office for Windows, and most of the Apple everyday use apps, Safari, Thunderbird email, Messages, Notes, Reminders, Contacts



I used Parallels when I was teaching. There were a couple of programs that I had to use that had no Mac version. When I retired in 2011, it and Windows were the first things that I removed. It is a very good program if you have to use it, but …


You are obviously not a Quicken user. :wink:


  1. Portfolio (home grown web app)
  2. BBEdit
  3. LAMP
  4. Fetch
  5. Kindle

The Captain

Andi uses Quicken on her PC.

I’d add MacDraft Pro to that list of yours, Excel/Outlook as well, but I did give in, subscribe to Office, so we use the parts we need… I dropped back to Photoshop Elements, couldn’t justify the full PS… ChronoSync to keep my MBA somewhat sync’d to the main Mac… Reunion is my genealogy app, so many folks and their linkages in there… Firefox & Chrome are aboard, but rarely used, mainly for testing sites, if I have a problem… The rest of the game is with Apples Apps…

    • Outlook
    • Excel
    • Carbon Copy Cloner
    • MacDraft Pro
    • Reunion
    • AppZapper
    • Photoshop Elements
    • ChronoSync
  1. XQuartz
  2. IDL
  3. Nedit
  4. Geant4 (really a library, but I build stuff with it).
  5. cmake/make/gcc/etc to compile my Geant4 models.
  6. Excel
  7. Word
  8. PowerPoint
  9. Retrospect, CCC, and Backblaze
  10. Chrome