Big drop in Mac sales

I did my part by buying a M2 MacMini in January.

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You either love MAC or you don’t. If you do, then you pay the big bucks. If you don’t you switch to Microsoft or some type of linux pad from google or samsung. They are all pretty good. i have a microsoft tablet that I love, I have an ipad, and I’m doing this on my desktop machine (windows).Mac is expensive…doc

I did the same a couple weeks ago, letting the old 2012 MP rest for a while… Kept it for its double DVD Superdrives, while I sort out what to do with it… Decent machine on an SSD 7 Mojave, but I moved the 2 Tb SSD & other HDs into ab external for a mutitude of backs ir scratch space as needed. I used ti leave it on 24/7 as its boot time was slow… Sure don’t see that in the Mini M2… In fact just get CCC set up to where it does the clone trick nearly instantly now. Inlaws also moved into new iMacs, as well as grandkids… The old Mac vs PC days are done, when you want comparable functions the costs line up very favorably the Apple side, but then I’ve been an Apple guy since the Apple ][+ and onward as well as a long time investor in AAPL, they’ve had ups and downs, long term, not a problem, their dividends cover a lot… I bet the Mini Pro, even the M2 uses a lot less power that my old beastly MP did…

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A couple of years ago I was exclusively Windows Samsung devices. My kids wanted me to be able to get on facetime to chat with them and the grands. So I started playing with an ipad which led to my purchase of an Iphone and then recently a macbook. Security, stability and privacy protection were key selling points for me…doc


Macs aren’t more expensive than equivalent PCs. Apple just doesn’t pursue the lowest price points that some bargain manufacturers do. The cheapest Mac (M2 mini) is $599, and you can use your old keyboard, mouse, and monitor with it. You can definitely get a cheaper PC, no question. I’ve used some cheap PCs, though, and I’d never willingly do it again.



I had my fill of PCs on the job, where we needed them for testing telecom gear in the field as well as for a variety of paperwork, the company paid dearly trying to find a solid one, while running Win NT, Office, etc… Hardware troubles, the final one was a $7K LG, I think around 2000 a couple years before I retired… So many hour, days lost to chasing headaches… McAfee was the standard protection, not too great, Kept one going at home for my spouse, it, too fell into malware, other headaches… All the while I did as much as I could on my own Mac, early days were a little rough, but never what I contended with at work… They should have just gone to Unix from day one, avoided Windoze… History… Almost kept the last one here at home to run Linux, but then, why? Like now, I could try it out on the old Mac Pro, but… Why… Some articles in the old days pointed out that matching up functions and Macs were always competitive, more likely purchasing decisions resided with the IT guys, who needed to keep their jobs!

BTW, good to see you, awlabrador! Thanks for all your input over the years!