Art of Museum Grade shows up Bitcoin etc

is an extremely lively article about REALLY BIG tax and law avoidance with an ancient form of non-money money.

The Wildernstein family wealth in quasi anonymous ownership of art works accumalated over four generations was revealed by a arm candy widow they cheated. Billions and billions of wealth, and that just the tip of the iceberg of the world of using artworks as stores of ever increasing value.

david fb


Very interesting and not the only guilty people in the market, hardly.

Wealth ebbs and flows. For Daniel as he got on in age to know the fortune was receding was interesting. The assets are not that liquid. Timing is everything. The same art 50 years from now will well outpace American or European inflation.

Artists can coin money if they know what they are doing.

That was a wild read.

Can’t read it due to paywall. Meh!

Here is a gift link: