Article on remote health monitoring

The linked article is posted by Fidelity, I don’t know if you need be a client to gain access.

In any case, it is not about any specific stock yet I think relevant to the recent interest in Livongo as well as other companies that offer similar services. It does a pretty good job of explaining some of the pressures that ultimately impact revenues, both pluses and minuses.

It’s not a simple picture. Although one would immediately assume that the pandemic would spur growth in companies that offer remote health monitoring, there’s the negative impact of people losing their health benefits due to unemployment along with a confusing array of federal and state regulations.…


I don’t know what the TAM for tele-health is but it must be a lot higher than what we are seeing now. From that link. “Telehealth totaled just 0.2% of all medical claims filed in 2019”
Hospitals and doctors are suffering from declining revenue, many people are too fearful to go to the office. .
One side effect from government containment policies will be more deaths resulting from delayed diagnosis of cancers and other diseases.