Axon Launches Axon Body Workforce, New Body Camera To Protect Frontline Workers

“The new Axon Body Workforce body-worn camera is not only useful for promoting frontline workers’ safety, but also aids law enforcement agencies responding to the recent rise in violence in healthcare, retail and other commercial settings by providing easily accessible digital evidence,” said Former Chief of the Dallas Police Department Renee Hall. “This solution shows Axon’s continued commitment to keeping our communities secure as public safety challenges evolve.”

Safety for Every Shift

Axon Body Workforce features the quality hardware of Axon body cameras alongside Axon’s robust real-time capabilities and simple evidence management workflows, making it easier to act on captured footage. Benefits of Axon Body Workforce include:

  • Deterring and De-escalating Incidents: Protects employees by capturing high-quality video evidence of employee-customer interactions, while also respecting their privacy. With a simple double tap activation that is lightweight for wearing, employees can easily ensure all critical moments are recorded by Axon Body Workforce.
  • Supporting in Real-Time: Equips employees with a communications beacon to protect themselves with situational awareness, allowing for quicker and more effective interventions. Axon Respond’s live capabilities enable employees to ask for help in the moment, while having a camera present encourages better behavior and discourages crime in the workplace.
  • Promoting Transparency: Manage high-quality, easily searchable footage in Axon Evidence to gain transparency into all interactions. Upload, manage and share footage internally and externally with Law Enforcement and District Attorneys to ensure teams are staying safe and to expedite the path from incident to adjudication. Further, this evidence can uphold internal standards, clear up claims or disputes, and build a library of in-field footage for ongoing training.

Full Press Release:

Axon Launches Axon Body Workforce, New Body Camera To Protect Frontline Workers - Jan 25, 2024


Dang, I recently started working in healthcare as an IT project manager. The stories of patient to staff violence have been increasing in the last two years. Sad to say, I can see this being both deterrent and valuable information after the fact.
(Just wondering how many nurses want one more thing hanging off their scrubs when we had a kerfuffle last year about the weight if iPhones clipped to their scrubs.)