AXON new product: AI writes a police officer's report from recorded encounter

This seems like a big deal. AXON announced today. The product uses AI to produce the initial draft of an officer’s paperwork. The product won’t release the report until an officer reads and approves. Initial double blind testing has the AI matching the quality of human-authored reports on several measures.


I really like how Axon is pivoting into software-driven solutions built atop its hardware & cloud platform. AI is going to open up the possibilities here.

I recommend this PR link over the other as it has media attached.

PR: Axon reimagines report writing with Draft One, a first-of-its-kind AI-powered force multiplier for public safety

Product: Draft One - Axon

  • It will basically create a high quality first draft of the incident report based on captured audio.

  • Allows for rapid upload & transcription of audio from body cam footage, within 5min.

  • Can create a single narrative across body cams between officers.

  • Works with Axon Evidence and Records, as well as non-Axon record mgmt systems.

  • Keeps human in the loop, to assure officers sign off on and customize the report from there. (Leaves placeholders to fill out to assure they read it.)

  • It also seems easy to prove ROI. PR noted 1+ hour saved per day per officer/body cam in report writing.

Agency trials have resulted in roughly one hour of time saved per day on paperwork. For every eight officers who use Draft One during their day, that translates to an extra eight-hour shift or more. … Draft One also increases job satisfaction by helping police officers get a quality head-start on a high-volume, time-consuming task.