Back in Upstart, just six days later

It was just the 21st of this month when I told you I sold out of my little position in Upstart. Well I found some extra money and took a 2.8% position today at $87.69. There is still no bad news, and I really admire management, especially Paul Gu, and although the story is still VERY complicated, I admit that I’m price anchoring, and with a price that is 21.5% of its high of three months ago, after thinking about it, I couldn’t resist. Since I told you about getting out, I figured I should tell you about getting back in. This is not advice for what you should do, it’s just what I did.



Awesome, glad that you’re back in Upstart Saul.

I have a similar sized position and few options (LEAPS). For those who didn’t have a chance to read my post on Upstart, do take a look why I never got into it and why I decided to start a position a few days back.

Here’s the post: Upstart: An enigma or a phoenix…




I guess I missed your announcement. Just at the beginning of this month, you said you held 7.9%. That is small?

I noticed UPST bounced back from its lows after the talking heads said the sell off was mostly done…But still quite a volatile one…it came down 6% today.

What is it that made you come back to it just a week after selling off? why could you not resist? You have a good feeling or have you read or heard something that made you feel this one is going back up?

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You missed that one:…

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Hi Saul,

Associated Bank joined the partnership with UPST in Feb(announced in late July). In the recent 4th Quarter earning presentation, the bank stated it held Auto Finance balances of $7M at end of Q3 2021, $143M at end of Q4, 2021. It also provide guidance of Auto Finance balances of $1.35B at end of 2022 and $2.5B at end of 2023.

Do you think this is related to the partnership with UPST?



I presume you are referring to Associated Banc, ASB. The Earnings call transcript specifically points out that they are only participating in high Fico scores segment for their new push into Automobile lending.

“In the auto finance businesses, we’ve stuck largely to prime and super prime space with average FICO was north of 750 and 82% average LTVs on the loan – loans we booked in the fourth quarter.”…


Ronjon’s post #62636 has been reinstated. While he mentioned options, it was just a passing reference. I didn’t see any real reason for it to be deleted.


As a cautious observer and owner of some of the companies discussed on this board, I can state with an unbiased mind that almost all high growth stocks are up today and also on Friday. It’s not just related to UPST. Short sellers covering their positions/ some buyers onboarding. They have already earned their annual return since the beginning of the year. Show respect to the board leaders. They exercise a transparency found nowhere else for free! Saul wrote in a previous report that he had been shutting down UPST’s positions for good reason. Now he has bought again, why? Because it is his personal decision and nobody should blindly follow his recommendations. You can read all about that in the Konwlegde Base. Read it not just once, but several times. Those were just my thoughts when I read something like this on here. We can all be happy that there is a global exchange thanks to digital media. How have the previous investors fared who had to do their research on their own? Think about it! Please feel free to delete this post because it’s offtopic.