UPST delinquency rates ...

Remember John Wayne thread about the delinquency rates?

Right after that stock tanked heavily and PT cut by some analyst…big discussion here. Even Saul and others sold or reduced.

Now even the CEO have a point on this thread (which is quite funny). Quote:
“Note that this recent upturn in loan default is not to be confused with the longer-term secular vintage-over-vintage increase in absolute default profile on our platform, which has been alluded to in some public forums. This phenomenon is almost purely a function of change in borrower mix, as our models expand the frontiers of approvability and pull more applicants into the lendable universe over time.”

Now it’s getting quite after great numbers and one of the best earning calls in years (just my opinion). Have the critics here in the forum changed their minds?



This is seriously OT, but, I’ll respond to clarify.

When board members (that’s you too, keep in mind) arrive at a conclusion to reduce or eliminate a position in favor of other investments, it means they are not paying attention anymore -or yet.

Now, we know that Saul picked up some shares after the dip at ~$87ish because the price from that point looked attractive.

We know that JonWayne235 sold and then got back in with a smaller stake as well.

I have no idea where either of their current stakes are. Like you, I’m trying to make decisions for myself. I look at actions and information and try to draw the best possible decision from there.

It’s quite a fluid situation with some of these names where sentiment before actual numbers and expectations of future reports starts to diverge. A powerful post with significant logical explanations can bear a good deal of weight.

This is doubly so for the board leaders (that’s people who post their monthly numbers) who influence through their actions, as well.

All of that to say that silence can be many things. This isn’t twitter. It’s not facebook. And, it certainly isn’t an expected privilege in a public and valuable crowdsourcing forum.

Earnings surprised those who were expecting UPST to fall off a cliff in growth of revenue and speed of product offering. Based on your zeal for the company AND expectation of flight path, you may be interested in adding, holding or selling from here.

(many people sold this pop. You can see it in the volume and the sentiment in several online places)

What did I do? Nothing.

9.1% stake in UPST

-just a guy on the internet


Hi Gerrard,

It was a good earnings call. I’m long, and stayed long through the ups and downs. I held for my own reasons as others sold for their own reasons. That doesn’t make sellers “critics”. It makes sellers investors. We’re all investors.

And every investor has to come up with probabilities associated with each investment. It may work, it may not. The thread you talk about brought up some useful points which extended my understand of UPST. That is how the board is meant to work, and once again, it did splendidly.

It was a really interesting earnings call, and I’m sure members of the board have looked at it and added to the list of data points about UPST. Some may invest, reinvest or even sell as they all update their own belief about UPST.

I don’t believe there are critics on this board. I believe there are investors.