Upstart Share Borrow Rates

Not sure if this will be of interest or help to anyone on the board. Let me know if you want this info or whether I should not post it for the next few days.

Through Fidelity I loaned all my Upstart shares out - request from Fidelity came via email over this past weekend - when was the last time Fidelity ever sent me an email on a weekend? - never.

Signed all paperwork on Monday to lend the shares - & they were borrowed first thing on Tuesday here are the rates:

Tuesday (6/8): 42.75% APY
Wednesday (6/9): 44.875% APY
Thursday (6/10): 46.625% APY

Those are the rates I am being paid - who knows what Fidelity is being paid by the borrower of the shares.

My understanding is that Upstart issued 12,015,690 shares when it IPO’d in December. I believe there are 76.9 million shares outstanding - so when the lockup period ends at the beginning of next week there will be a lot more shares available to borrow and sadly for me, I suspect, the borrowing rate will collapse and my shares may not even be borrowed.

Thought this was interesting info & wanted to share it with the board.

Frank- long UPST, see profile for all holdings


I too am interested in this topic. This is the first time this has happened to me, so I appreciate the info from other people on this board. Schwab has borrowed mine, and rate was 39% as of yesterday.

I have requested a new board here on called “Share Borrow Rates” so we can talk about it there, so as not to clutter this board. Fool says it will take about 48 hours for the request to process.



I first read about lending UPST shares on this board back in May (I had not been aware of such a practice). When I logged into Fidelity a few days ago there was a notification that I might be eligible to lend some of my shares…it didn’t say which ones. I filled out the application to see if I qualified, signed a lending agreement on June 8 and, poof, by the next day all of my UPST shares were loaned out. Interesting to see the stock price decline simultaneously…I am more than happy to profit from the short sellers!

Thank you to this board for educating me about all this, and for introducing me to UPST. Based on what I have gleaned here, and learning to trust my investing instincts more, I built a full position in UPST within a few days.



Please do move this discussion to a different board. Thanks,


If anyone has something to add about UPST’s business, feel free. Otherwise, speculating on share price and lockup are clearly off topic and do nothing but clutter up the board.



Why did the price drop 14% today? I didn’t see any new news.

That is an Oh, So Inappropriate post for our board! It will be deleted.