Barron's: Car Parts Needed Even In Recession

Named in this piece: $AZO $AAP $ORLY $GPC

Barron’s headline: Everyone Needs Car Parts, Even in a Recession. These Stocks Are Good Buys.
By Teresa RivasFollow
June 30, 2022 1:30 am ET

Auto parts retailers have a reputation as defensive stocks—after all, car repairs can only be delayed so long, even during a downturn. There are reasons to think the stocks can keep outperforming.

“When you can buy these stocks at these prices, there’s an asymmetrical risk/return,” says Max Wasserman, founder of Miramar Capital, which owns shares of Advance Auto Parts and Genuine Parts. ”Yes, they could go down a little further, but the upside is much higher.”

Having a running car remains essential for most Americans. That gives them the incentive to keep repairing their cars, even as the vehicle fleet ages. The average car is more than 12 years old, according to S&P Global Mobility. Genuine Parts has estimated older models tend to require $800 a year in maintenance.


Plus there are counter cyclical components. Recession and reduced overtime or layoffs gives more time for tinkering with cars. Plus keeping old car longer. Plus non-availability of new.

I have AZO and ORLY. Both doing reasonably well in these hard times for stocks.