Barron's: $F Ford F-150 Wins Truck of the Year. Tesla Shouldn’t Worry, But Rivian Should

Auto news outlet Motortrend on Tuesday named the Lightning its 2023 truck of the year calling it the “first electric pickup up to appeal directly to the existing truck market.” Barron’s agrees. We have driven a Lighting several times with owners of traditional Ford (ticker: F) trucks. They all came away impressed with the power and capability of the electric version of Ford’s most popular vehicle.

The F-150 Lightning is still in its early days of existence. Traditional truck buyers might not have encountered one yet. Through November, Ford has delivered 578,881 F-series trucks in 2022, including 13,258 electric Lightnings.

That’s changing though. Ford plans to ramp up production of the F-150 to about 150,000 vehicles a year. Hitting that goal in 2023 would mean that electric pickup trucks could be as much as 20% of all F-150 sales.

This is great but: Ford Lightning Towing Test Shows Serious Problems (
Apparently the EVs also have a problem with the range in the cold on these batteries.
Ford Lightning EV Winter Disaster You May Want to Avoid | Torque News
There’s a slew of articles addressing this when you google it up suggesting that it is a real issue:
ford lightning winter issues at DuckDuckGo

Sounds like a hollow award…doc


How can it be truck of the year 2023 when 2023 has not happened yet?

My guess, they are afraid that by December 2023 the Cybertruck might take over! :innocent:

The Captain :laughing:

Doesn’t the 2023 model year begin when they begin selling 2023 models? Don’t they still roll them out in September. And hold end of year sales in August?

Models don’t change much from year to year like they used to. But i will bet your title still lists it as a 2023 even if you bought it in 2022.


Classic. Mock that which you do not understand.


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