Barron's: U.S. Clean Energy Is Attracting Billions in Investments. Here Are 5 Key Players. $ENPH, $GLW, $NTOIY $SBGSY, $FREY

U.S. Clean Energy Is Attracting Billions in Investments. Here Are 5 Key Players.

A boom in clean-energy manufacturing is fast getting under way across the U.S. Factories are suddenly cranking out everything from solar and wind equipment to batteries and low-carbon fuel. Corporate investment dollars, spurred by new tax breaks, are transforming the U.S. from an also-ran in alternative energy to a real player, lifting the fortunes of a number of companies.

Since President Joe Biden earmarked $370 billion for clean energy in the Inflation Reduction Act in August, there have been 76 announcements of clean-energy projects, notes Credit Suisse . Of those, 40 specified dollar amounts, totaling $77 billion.

“We’re basically accelerating the energy transition at ludicrous speed,” says Michael Cerasoli, portfolio manager at Eagle Global Advisors.


I’ll have to check those out later… too late tonight in the Eastern US time zone (3am).

I own one of them. ENPH. They are posting GREAT numbers and the share price is reasonable (IMO) given the growth rate. I’m sitting on a small loss at this point. And I’ve started selling calls. I expect the reaction to 1Q earnings to be tepid based on management guidance but the year should be excellent overall, both for the company and the stock. IMO.

I took a quick peek at the other companies listed… and have no idea why Barron’s is talking about them. Only GLW is a leader in anything, the others seem to be more of a pump and dump. As for GLW, they’re barely growing and I see no attraction.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

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I’m thinking GLW might do well post-Ukraine War.

I am beginning to hope Ukraine becomes the new Democratic China for Europe, i.e., re-building an entire economy which is hiding many assets in plain sight, e.g., minerals and rare earth minerals, enough land to sustain all of Europe’s bread boxes, and a whole new infrastructure from internet to new highways, bridges, trains, etc.

All those imports of fossil fuels and minerals from Russia are diminishing to “never buy Russia again” when Ukraine emerges as its own EU/NATO country. All in due time.

Ancient soul-sucking, concrete-ugly, Russian architecture (some of the worst taste in modern times when it comes to trying to design a beautiful building with utility) will be cleared of rubble and I believe new cities (Tier 1s to Tier 3s) will spring up and beacon to Western Europeans as well as new immigrants.

Of the five, maybe $GLW has a decent shot of striking up some big orders. And the others might find some love here and there.

Poland seems to me like a great Eastern European country which will also benefit when Western Democracies and the Russian people kick Putin to the curb. I

learned tonight that Poland is #3 in giving aid to Ukraine. For months I have followed how the Poles are building new military bases for permanent NATO troops. American special forces (both NAVY Seals and Army Paratroopers) have different batallions and brigades training Poles in fighting like the NVA and Vietcong in an urban setting.

Ukraine is the always changing map of how future wars will be fought. All of the nervous Baltic countries are not sleeping through Putin’s growing verbal threats, and you can bet the “annexed” republics which are supposed to show allegiance to Putin are thinking, "We either join the democracies of the West once Putin falls, or, we will continue to be oppressed by the Kakistocrats flying their silly Z flags and armbands.

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Late is early, early is late, the past is the future, the future is the past.

If I had a dime for every time I’ve asked the date and time since I’ve been diagnosed, I’d be able to buy a share of $TSLA. (p.s. I found out two of my monthly dividend payers (ETFs) are holding some Tesla.

So, I am long/short Tesla at this moment.

Short using $TSLQ.

Hot tip for you Rob: new covered calls ETF for Tesla has the symbol $TSLY.

Think I’ll do charts once a week for $TSLA, $TSLY and the inverse $TSLQ and put them in a thread.


I thought Enphase just got trashed in the market. Could be a buying opportunities for believers. But big money seems not to like the outlook–at least for now.

GLW is Corning Glass Works. They are a leading technology company in ceramics. Invented Pyrex and Corningware, fiber optics, gorilla glass, silicone rubber, and on and on. But what have they done lately. What do they do for green energy?

I vote for you to get double pay this week for that suggestion, PT! Thanks.

As for GLW doing well post-Ukraine, that may be… but I’m more of a “What can you do for me THIS year?” Post-Ukraine is going to take a while. My favorites are kicking posterior (I typed “but*” but the Fool filter didn’t like it) right now (at least with respect to the COMPANY performance and I hope the stock performance doesn’t take long to follow.). Anyway, GLW isn’t kicking anything much at this time. Maybe later.

And pauleckler, you’re absolutely right. ENPH has been trashed by the market… as it is from time to time. But the company continues to increase sales and profits at a great rate! IMO, it seems like some other company could come in and compete… and apparently there ARE other companies competing. But it’s not slowing ENPH. And I don’t argue with results. Will ENPH keep growing forever? Nah… but there is no slowdown coming in sight yet. Just my thoughts.

My favorites: TSLA, TMDX (ya gotta check out these guys!), ENPH, SMCI.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.