Batteries last longer than anyone thought

**The study took real-world data from 15,000 EVs of various makes and models in the U.S. By linking to the vehicles’ connectivity systems, the company took several battery readings daily, including charging activity, EV battery level, and estimated range.

The data showed that most EVs driven close to 100,000 miles still have at least 90 percent of their original range left.**



Hat off to Mary Berra for listening obviously to the potential of this idea.

This is a game-changer if it works.

Do you have a link to that study? The GM story didn’t seem to be about battery lifespans.


This is important because, as of now, most cathodes are made out of nickel or cobalt, which aren’t as plentiful as iron. Using iron-based cathodes is more sustainable as it eliminates the need for raw materials like nickel and cobalt.

LFP batteries already in production have no nickel or cobalt. GM will catch up with the present in ten years IF their partner gets the stuff to work!

The Captain


Sorry Bob I do not. That was an excerpt from the article.


Captain…it figures.