Been a hot minute

I wandered away from TMF a while ago… When the brothers decided that they should pick stocks for you, and charge you for it, that flew in the face of everything they stood for prior. So I left.

Wandered back in to see what had changed. I see EVERYTHING has changed. No more “fun” discussion boards here. My posting history is gone.

Wondering if there are any of the “OG Fools” wandering around these parts still…


Yep. You got it. Shame isn’t it?


Very. But I guess the brothers wanted to scrub the site of their old philosophies?


Amazing that things change. Of course if nothing ever did we’d still be eating reindeer meat off of spears and wearing beaver pelts.


This is true of course. The only things that don’t change are dead things. But it isn’t the important point. I think in this case, the important point is the erasure of history. Your analogy wouldn’t include “eating reindeer meat off spears” or “beaver pelts” because those facts of history wouldn’t exist anymore.


Point well taken, although I note that at this point probably 99% of the people who were ever on the Fool have gone elsewhere, and there is precious little in the history that’s really worth saving. You want to read about AOL in 1998? Hillary vs Trump in 2016? Housing prices in 2008?

Sometimes the past is worth forgetting, especially if there’s so much of it that’s irrelevant to the future. (Of course you probably don’t know which parts that is until the future arrives, so….)


Yeah, I feel a certain nostalgia towards TMF, and it’s a shame to see it as a shell of what it once was. A friend/co-worker turned me on to it when I was a new grad 20+ years ago, and this is really where I started my financial education. Went from being a young married couple $150k in debt, to successful multi-millionaires. Received a lot of good advice here along the way!