Before I get greyed out ...

I am not an active poster and don’t add much content to the discussions. Before I get greyed out and lose the ability, I wanted to add one last post to the board.

Thank you to all of you that do post and add content. There has been (and hopefully will continue to be) so much valuable information shared by you all. What a special place this is for investing. This is my most valuable tool as I have been working to truly learn how to look at at value companies on my own (the whole teach a person to fish, rather than give them a fish sort of thing). I have been around lurking for years and have learned so much from you all. So while I have the chance to say it.



I’m also not an active poster, but have learned more following this board since May, 2019 than I ever learned from all other sources combined. For this I’m very grateful.

If anybody doubts how many people follow this board, click on the following:

About the fourth line down on this page click on “Best Of”

Change the number of recommended posts to 50 and enter From 8/22/22 and To 9/22/22 and click the Go button

You will see that all of the top 34 recommended posts for the last month are in the “Saul’s Investing Discussions” board.

I don’t know if this “Best Of” feature will carry over into the upgrade, but I thought it was worth mentioning in case it doesn’t make it.


I agree with pigskin, I am not an active poster, however actively access the board. I hope the board readers will continue to have access to this great board!

Many thanks to Saul and the active posters that work so hard to give us access to their knowledge!



Hey Pigskin, why haven’t you been posting. I see that your last post before this one was almost two years ago. That’s a shame. You used to post a lot more. And you should have been contributing to the boards sum of knowledge as well as learning from it!!! :grinning::grinning::grinning: That’s how we ALL benefit.


Hey Saul, it mostly comes down to confidence. I just don’t think I have the investing skills most of you have. I do wish I could contribute more, I am not lazy, in life I always try to help when I can. I have worked in Property Insurance for 25+ years. When a topic comes up in that area I have contributed to the board (We discussed Lemonade for a time). Most of the boards investments these days are tech companies (which seem to be the best investments) and they do things that are just over my head and I have a hard time grasping. I never wanted to fill the board with posts lame posts and add to the clutter.

I do get your point though, I should contribute where I can.

Anyway, a very big thank you to you for starting this board and all the contributors. If I ever have something meaningful to say I will ask for posting privilege.