Benefits of Covid shutdown

We have a local organization that offers classes. Until Covid came along we had to travel into another suburb to attend class. The organization is called Oasis. Its for people over 55 YO. They have chapters in other towns/states. Once Covid hit, they discovered ZOOM. Then they discovered that they could offer classes from other cities/regions.

So now I take an aerobics/strengthen and stretch fitness class, taught by a woman in Illinois. (I live across the river in Missouri.) She’s occasionally had a wedding to attend, or otherwise been out of town. She takes her laptop with her. She’s taught classes from New Orleans, Mexico and Egypt. Other classes on different topics are offered from New England, D.C. and the left coast. It greatly expanded course offerings. Check it out at


I take Zumba classes over Zoom every day. The instructors are located from several places in the U.S., Europe and as far away as the Phillippines. This program is organized by Dr. Raymond Poliquit, a pediatrician at Tulane University whose nom de danse is “El Doco Loco.” Several classes a day are offered.

Payment is on the honor system. I send $25 per month to help keep the studio open.