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While we watch the share price plummet.

Mohnish Pabrai provides some fresh insights into Charlie Munger in a recent podcast interview.

Charlie Munger reads like a machine, swears constantly, and clashed with Warren Buffett over Costco and BYD, a close friend reveals in a new interview.

Here are the 9 best quotes:…

Have not listened to the podcast. Since Warren and Charlie both claim they have never had an argument I find it very hard to think they “clashed” over BYD and Costco. Disagreed? Probably.


“Clashed” is a word used by reporters.

Buffett is said to disagreed with Munger about Baba too. And baba is down a lot. So hard to say who’s right. Buffett is more cautious, because he’s playing with other people’s money. Munger is more a swing for the fence guy. Both genius and unique, there’s no other ones like them.


Great pod and insightful wrt Charlie. WEB ultimately said Ok to Charlie’s persistent BYD idea but the investment funds needed to be taken out of David Sokol’s Mid American Energy pot not Berkshire’s per Warren who kept a little distance from the decision. Thank you Charlie for your persistence! Position is now valued around 7.5B I believe over 14 years and I believe it may be in our our top 10 positions.

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Amazing stuff to grasp. Munger makes one decision that makes so much difference.

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An amazing podcast. Wonderful insight and anecdotes, esp. on Charlie. A very personal interview. Whew! Honesty – why do you invest in Berkshire?

“clashed?” - more like disagreed…

I suspect they are able to disagree and challenge each other’s ideas all the time… I believe the back and forth is part of their process and is one of the interpersonal and dynamic filters they use to attain decisions which aren’t obvious at the time.

I remember meeting Mohnish when he first showed up at the BRK AGMs… Some asked me if he was the real deal… I suggested he is saying all the right things and if he believes what he is saying - then yea - he’s one of out type…

Mohnish was quite brilliant and well spoken. He was also well read. I haven’t followed his career since he opened his investment management firm but I am not surprised he is still around… I wouldn’t be surprised if his results are good.

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