Bert's Take on ZS and the OTR report

Bert just came out with a very informed, knowledgeable, and useful extended uptake on OTR, who they are, what they do, and on the OTR downgrade and his evaluation of it (he apparently read the whole thing), and his current feelings on Zscaler.

It’s a paid service so I can’t comment further on what he said, but I hope that you all have subscribed.




I felt this was a gift and increased my
holdings of ZS. This is a long-term
investment in a highly valued stock, so
today’s price shouldn’t matter down the
road. Saul read Bert’s report, Question
is “Is Saul buying more stock after the

Agree, Saul. That was one of Bert’s best pieces. Timely, useful, succinct. As you often say, we’d be crazy not to pay for that low fee.


Hi -

Sorry if I take this “off topic” - but I’m interested in Bert’s financial services. A few quick questions. 1) Could someone provide a link to his newsletter services? 2) If I decide I would cancel in the future, is this something I could cancel within my account? (I always get nervous if I have to do the run around on the phone to cancel any service), and 3) Is his focus mostly on growth stocks?

Thank you all. Blessed to have found this board and to continue to learn.

you can just email him to cancel - he’s just a guy, not a conglomerate!

BTW, I recommend always doing subscriptions on something like Paypal, as then you can cancel by yourself…

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Hi 123!

I use Paypal for my annual subscription to Bert’s service, waited for SA to offer Paypal option to join that service, and recently capitulated to TMF after years of resistance, waiting in vain for a Paypal option. Hate giving our credit card info for recurring charges, and except for Amazon, Costco, and now TMF, we don’t.

For Netflix, we used to buy a card at Walmart but then cancelled altogether.

But Bert’s service is more than worth it, especially for non tech savvy souls such as i. And his personal email exchanges may be the most valuable part of it. You ask him what time it is, and he replies precisely and then explains how to build a watch. Don’t know how long he can continue that as his outstanding service is discovered by more investors.


Based on all the commentary here, I just joined Bert’s service this am. Boy, do I have a bit of catch up reading to do!


I joined too. Only $10.00 for a week and they throw in an extra two weeks. Great stuff thanks Saul.

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