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Obviously Yves Smith and hangers on are now in the employ of Russian provocateur’s.

I spent 30 minutes responding to some totally inaccurate “news” about Ukraine’s counter-offensive. Seems as though Naked Capitalism is in denial that a top Russian general has been captured, that Russian troops are running away under white flags, and that Ukrainian troops are overrunning supply depots and ammunition dumps which the Russians did not level on their way out.

I left five links.

All were removed, every single one of them.


The earlier post you left had a link and I read the article.

It expressed some fears that Putin might launch nuclear weapons to save the situation in Ukraine. I doubt that, but he was a bit nuts to launch this war in the first place and has been steadily lying about the cause (Nazis in Ukraine) as well as the status.

Now remember that the Ukrainian leader has been adamant about recapturing Crimea. And that makes me wonder if Putin would go nuclear to “save” Crimea.

The best solution would seem to be for Putin to leave the scene by any means, but that seems wishful thinking.

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