Biden comes after Car Dealer Junk Fees



I donno but possibly got hit by fees at my mechanic.

My family and I are faithful to my mechanic. The shop is billing differently. Every drop of fluid for an oil change is now billed. Windshield fluid you name it a few bucks more. Synthetic oil change with fluids and labor now $73. Up from $67 last time. I do not remember the fluids last time.

It is like going to the doctor’s office. Great ideas in billing are spreading. Sarcasm.

The odd thing I was told I would get the winterizing check. I’d be all set.

The odder thing that worries me, an old friend was at the mechanic. She used her AAA card to get money off the labor. I asked about that. I got my discount. But I got the fees for fluids. I paid more.

ay caramba!!!

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That is cheap. Mine is around $120, but my car uses 6.3quarts of oil.