Billionaire Longevity Techniques

… apparently cross-generational plasma infusions is now a thing. I guess that’s a step up from sheep.



Just emailed BIL for his opinion on Rapamune 5 mg once a week.

The GoodRx is the best way to buy a 30-pill supply for about $110.

We actually caught a couple of programme starts for this BBC series last week on our way up to Yorkshire. It was interesting in the “weird spit folk’ll do” category rather than “I need to learn more about this”. A lot of exuberant extrapolations from rodent research etc.

Still, the way I look at it, if folk with more money than sense willingly spend it this way and only exploit their children, let 'em have at it…just to remember junior might be in charge of choosing the nursing home when you’ve bought a few years beyond your “natural” lifespan.

Peter Attia has had a number pf podcasts on the use and mechanisms of action of rapamycin over the recent decade, with a variety of researchers who’re studying its use in aging…along with appearing as a guest to talk about it on others. I suspect he’s taken it himself at some point in the past …

It’s an interesting enough concept to understand in a general sense but I suspect that, for someone who’s close enough to their marginal decade to start thinking about slowing down the biological clock, there are strategies with a greater ROI potential.

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Perhaps an alternative to the Dracula imagery; a saline solution with purified albumin can be used instead of plasma. Researchers observed rejuvenation of blood, positive effects on muscle, brain, and liver, and improved recovery from viral illnesses.

“…replacement of a large volume of old blood with a neutral age physiological fluid (saline supplemented with 5% purified albumin), is sufficient for most if not all observed positive effects on muscle, brain and liver. Importantly, it shows that a currently approved FDA procedure promotes molecular and functional rejuvenation of the blood in older people, with improved proteomic profile and support for myogenic responses.

…reduced incidents of viral diseases to zero in patients over the course of a year when for just flu-related hospitalizations, ~60% were from the same age group ( …has the potential to improve recovery from viral illnesses and diseases, particularly for older people, through a number of ways, including changes in cytokine, interleukin, growth factor profiles and enhanced immunity, and restoration of virus-diminished oxytocin receptor [43] via productive attenuation of TGF-beta pathway [14]. Better myogenesis, angiogenesis and tissue vascularization in the old are also suggested by our data, hence better overall organ health and repair, better success of vaccination is predicted.“


Ahh, damn, but I like young men’s blood. What was Hannibal’s line “…with a nice Chianti!”

david fb


This is a really curious story that I think is based on a lot of fluff and promise but little by way of independent objective testing. Quite apart from wondering what sort of parent exploits their offspring in this way, I wondered what sort of doctor goes in for this sort of thing. So I checked up on this Oliver Zolman (Johnson’s physician)

Well, it turns out he’s only 29…so not exactly someone with a strong background and experience in proper doctoring. He graduated from dh and my alma mater …King’s College Hospital…but I can’t find any details of his post med school training like a bona fide residency, which is a mandatory prerequisite to clinical practice just like in the US.

All very fringe and sketchy, that’s for sure.


Way more $$$ in “fringe and sketchy”–which is the point. IMO, there is virtually no real evidence showing whatever he does actually works. It is all “take the money and RUN”, nothing more or less.

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And part of it for all parties is an extremely weird frisson. Excessiveness of wealth and desire sure leads to weirdness.

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My desire to take Rapamune died as I looked over the serious side effects.

My desire was turned upside down and outright lost when I looked at the longer list of common side effects.

I would not take Rapamune in your wildest dreams.

That longevity drug will kill you.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Or much worse leave you alive in a nightmare state of being.

:melting_face: :melting_face: :melting_face:

Another of those coincidences …and you may not be missing out on much by not taking rapamycin (you’re taking metformin, right?)

Catching up on my Z2/MAF/ASCVD mitigation training listening and got around to this one…

I can never tell if they come up as just the teaser for his subscription only website but I always listen to the opener to see if it’s representative of the whole before I link dump. This was initially a total turnoff but I think that’s because Attia is the guest on this other guy’s podcast and not the usual format (so, if it is behind a paywall, it might be available in full elsewhere)

Anyhoo…heaps of things I didn’t know along with a few “what I know that just ain’t so”. Including a few ideas on why metformin might be effective as one of these longevity drugs for biohackers.

Nothing that’d interest me but, if you have to take it for more legit reasons…

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Once a type 2 diabetic always so.

But I do not need Crestor or Metformin for my numbers. I am taking them because I am type 2 diabetic and there are no great studies of what happens to people in general with major weight loss. We know it is good or much better. We do not have major studies on the outcomes. AFAIK