Bio-concrete and biogenic construction materials with cyanobacteria

Fraunhofer researchers have developed a method of creating biogenic construction materials based on cyanobacteria. The bacteria multiply in a nutrient solution, driven by photosynthesis. When aggregates and fillers such as sand, basalt, or renewable raw materials are added, rock-like solid structures are produced. Unlike traditional concrete production, this process does not emit any carbon dioxide, which is harmful to the environment. Instead, the carbon dioxide is bound inside the material itself.

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You too can have a new home in a little as 37 years!

Seriously, if this process results in horizontal forms and thin walled, reinforced panels as a product, there are probably many applications.

Engineered BioFiberCrete could be a very interesting in far flung colonies away from earth where nutrients and sunlight are present. Just bring your little cyano friends.

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